Friday, May 24, 2013

In School This Week...

Monday:  We spent much of the day at Grammy's house.  Kent completed math, piano practice, and studied the 28 prepositions he has been learning for a test tomorrow.  Kaomi did handwriting and we finished reading The Adventures of Buster Bear.  Katy completed math, cursive, and English.

Tuesday:  Katy gave me a very short oral report on a book she read.  She also practiced the piano and did cursive, dictation, math, English, and some corrections.  Kaomi did math, handwriting, and thinking skills.  Kent had a preposition test, grammar, math, piano practice, dictation and a preposition game.  Altogether we prayed for some friends with needs and for the families involved in the recent tornadoes.  We had storytime.

Wednesday:  We volunteered in the classrooms at church.  Kent did grammar, math, and piano practice.  Katy did English, math, and cursive.  Kaomi did handwriting, thinking skills and a color by number.

Thursday:  Anticipation of tomorrow being the last day of school is high.  We read a missionary story together.  Kent complete his piano practice, math, grammar, and dictation.  Katy completed her English, piano practice, math, dictation, and cursive.  Kaomi completed reading, math, thinking skills, handwriting, and we began reading Uncle Wiggly's Bedtime Stories.

Friday:  We read a missionary story.  Kent finished math, and did grammar and piano practice.  Katy finished English, and did math, cursive and piano practice.  Kaomi worked on reading, math, thinking skills, handwriting and we read more of Uncle Wiggly's Bedtime Stories. 

School is officially finished!  They will have corrections to make.  Kent has a day or two of grammar to finish.  Katy has a couple days of math and cursive to finish.  Kaomi has about 4 weeks worth of math to keep working on and we will keep practicing reading.

We are all ready for a break.


  1. Yay! Congrats on another year completed! Are you kids enjoying Uncle Wiggily? I was considering purchasing a copy for the coming year.

    1. Gina, Yes, Kaomi (5) has been enjoying the stories and several of the other kids have come to listen in.


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