Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dayspring Card Review

The lost art of letter writing.  Some of my favorite letters that I have received have been the ones my Grandma wrote to me.  She knew how to write a good letter and she tried to share some of it with me.  I'm not a very good letter writer, but I really need to practice it more.  I know several people whom I should send letters to, but haven't in a long time.

I like to get mail.  Real mail, that is from a real person.  I enjoy receiving cards from friends and family that just say "hi", encourage me or share news.  I also enjoy receiving birthday and Christmas cards.  Receiving a card in the mail shows that someone really thought about me. 

This month I teamed up with (in)spired deals and (in)courage to bring you a review on some cards that Dayspring sent me to review and send to someone special.

As I read the encouraging words on the cards I thought of several people that I hoped they would encourage.  I chose to send some of them right away to my Pop-pop and Grandma, and two other friends.  I prayed that these cards would encourage the recipients.  I really should sit down and write cards more often.  I liked sitting down and focusing on who I was writing to and praying for them as I wrote.  The cards were well written with words of encouragement for various situations.  The pictures on the cards were also attractive.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for some cards of encouragement.

Dayspring sent me cards to review and a card organizer, but have not compensated me in any other way.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Giving / sending cards has a special place in my heart. I love the ones from Aunt Terie with her beautiful photographs of birds and nature.
    love, mom


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