Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mirror Writing?

I watched Katy trying to write the words "the end" in the spaces provided in her first music theory lesson.  She spent about 5 minutes writing and erasing and writing and fixing and erasing and writing.  I was laughing before she finished.  Since I was laughing, she started laughing.  She knew exactly how to spell the words, but getting them placed correctly was the challenge.  This is what she came up with.

After she finished writing I asked her if she wrote them correctly she looked at it said "yes" and then said "no" and changed the D to be not backwards.  I was trying to figure out if she was doing it on purpose, but I don't think she was.  She wrote them from right to left, too.  Later I showed it to Jeff and showed it to Katy again and asked her if it was written correctly and she said it was all correct except for the D which she said is backwards.  She told Jeff that we were laughing earlier when she was writing it becasue she kept writing it backwards, but she finally got it right.  It is not backwards now, except of course for the D (according to Katy).

I know she takes a long time to write things, but I've never sat there and watched her write.  Her copywork has frequent backward letters, but not whole words.  When I tell her what letters are backwards she fixes them without complaint.  She writes most numbers backwards or upsidedown, unless I remind her to pay attention and write them carefully.   She puts her shoes on the wrong feet almost all the time.  She used to insist on looking at books upside down when she was little before she could read.  Now I'm curious, if I dictate something to her and she can't look at it to copy will it all be backwards?  Maybe we will try it and find out.


  1. Suanna,
    Very intresting we were at the Yager Museum on Friday for an exibit of some of Leonardo da Vinci's machines built models of his designs. It was informative and we enjoyed our time there. We also learned that he was left handed and his notebooks were thought to be in code it took fourty years to figure out he wrote right to left so everything was in reverse. You should go online and do a search to see if you can find any copy of some of his notes and see if Katy can read them. He is also would be a good study an inventor, scientist, architect, painter, sculptor, engineer, musician, anatomist, mathematician, naturalist, astronomer, stage designer, and philosopher. He had much of his dreams and works left unfinished as he was a perfectionest and could not always complete in his works the inspirations he had in his mind. So much he left unacomplished. Check it out!!! DAD

  2. Hmm, Liberty hasn't gotten to the point of writing words yet, but she also insists on wrong-footed shoes and upside down books. Dyslexia? I've been wondering this about Liberty for various reasons. Very interesting.


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