Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday Evening Observations

As I sat watching Felicity play it was like a whole different world.  She was pretending.  She was playing with Kaomi's large, brown stuffed horse.  Jeff was playing his guitar in the background.  She was talking to Penny, as she was calling the horse.  She moved it around to where she wanted it and carefully removed the bear that was under it to make it more comfortable.  She gently stroked its back and talked to it more.  Then she climbed on its back, but promptly got off and got one of Clark's blankets for its back.  Then she climbed back on.   "Bldip-bldip-bldip-bldip" she pretended to ride it.  Then she got off and put the blanket "away".  She sat down next to the horse talking to it and playing with it...over and over.

While she continued to play with the horse Kent came up to me and Clark.  Clark was sitting on my lap.  He was engaging Clark and pretty soon Clark was laughing at the sounds and things that Kent was making and doing for him.  His giant grins showed how much he loves his big brother.  I refrained from making Kent stop getting in Clark's face, because Clark was loving it.

Then it was time for Jeff and Kent to leave.  The fun stopped, Felicity really wants to go with them, sad that she needed shoes and they left before she had them on.  So sad, need shoes, go outside with Daddy 'n "Tent".  Tears.

Just watching, observing without intervention brings joy to my heart.  I truly have been blessed by God through my children.

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