Thursday, January 19, 2012

Intentionally Enjoying My Family - Listening

When was the last time you actually enjoyed listening to your children?

Over the last couple of weeks I've been enjoying listening to my husband and children.

I got the opportunity to hear the 4 oldest playing in the garage while Jeff was working on a project.  I enjoyed listening to the sounds that indicated they were having fun.

I've enjoyed listening to:
       -Kent read a chapter in his reading book to me while I was fixing lunch.
       -Clark's happy squeals and babbles.
       -Katy and Kaomi playing together and making up stories.
       -Felicity's dress up shoes going click, clack across the kitchen floor.  She loves shoes.
       -Kent as he told me about what he had done in the x-box game he played one afternoon.
       -Jeff talk to me in the evenings.
       -Everyone saying "I love you.".
I enjoy hearing the sounds of my children running to see who is here when the doorbell rings.

I've enjoyed listening to:
      -Everyone's voices joined together in singing praises to God.
      -Jeff reading the Bible.
      -Clark clicking his tongue.
      -Kaomi laugh.
      -My children quoting Bible verses they have learned.
      -Jeff studying Hebrews chapter 4, in preparation for our Bible Study.
      -Katy get excited about being able to play her piano lessons better, because she had been 
      -Felicity talking more and more about everything.
      -Kaomi coming to snuggle with Jeff in the mornings.
      -Kent telling me about his Legos.

I enjoyed hearing Katy say "I forgive you" after I had wronged her and had to apologize.

I've enjoyed listening to:
      -Kent and Katy giggling over feeding each other while practicing serving.
      -Jeff practicing his guitar.
      -Kaomi asking to "do school".
      -Felicity "reading" to Clark and her toys.
      -Clark practicing "Da-da-da-da-da".

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  1. What precious memories!!! I am going to listen better today!

  2. This was fun to read. Left a smile on my face. Also, I'm glad you're sewing again and liking it. :-)


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