Thursday, January 12, 2012

Intentionally Enjoying My Family - With a Family Zoo Pass

If you missed last weeks post about Intentionally Enjoying My Family in church click here.

Last week was full of long afternoons with almost constant crying.  Clark is teething and crying a lot.  Felicity is teething, out of sorts, and crying and Kaomi was out of sorts and crying, too.  I sat down and played the piano to drown them out, so I could have a few moments peace.  We had another nice weather week and I wanted to get the kids outside more.

I decided that since we had a wonderful time at the zoo at the end of December that we should go again.  Our family pass expires in February so we should take every chance God gives us to take advantage of the fun we can have together there.   We enjoyed getting to see the ostriches better this time.  The kids were so excited to see the bear sit up from his nap at the top of his cage.  They were also all excited to see the tortoises this time, too.  Felicity was so excited to see the camel that see started yelling "Camel"and I had a hard time pulling her away from watching and listening to the camel when it was time to move on.  After we spent a while at the zoo I let the kids play on the playground at the park across from the zoo.

Having a family pass or membership to somewhere that everyone enjoys going is a great way to get out with your family and have fun several times a year.  Other ideas for family passes are:  State Park Pass, Science Museum Pass, Art Museum Pass, Swimming Pool Pass, or an Athletic Facility Pass where you can do a family activity.

If you think of any other places you could get a family pass to, please share them in the comments.
Checking out an ostrich egg.

Feeding the giraffe.

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