Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Orange Boots

These are my Dad's boots.  Ten years ago Jeff never imagined that he was going to wear orange boots when he came to visit me.  It was his first time to visit at my house and he needed some boots to wear in the snow.  These orange boots of my Dad's fit him, so he wore them anytime we went outside in the snow.  On January 12th we went for a walk up in the snowy woods behind my house.  We were looking out over the fields and forests from the top of the hill when he got down on one knee on the snow and asked me if I would be his wife.  He was wearing these orange boots.

Last spring, my little brother wore these boots.  He had forgotten his boots that day.  He took his girlfriend, Joni, up behind our house and proposed to her by the big rock.  He was wearing these orange boots.

I wonder what will happen to these orange boots.  God had a plan for two proposals to be made in them.  My Dad keeps everything, so you never know how long they will be at the house I grew up in and how many more adventures they will go on.  Thanks Mom, for the pictures of the orange boots.

Jeff, thanks for asking me to be your wife.  I love you.


  1. Just watch out. If they ever get sent to your house, you'll know Kent or Clark's engagement is at hand! ;-)


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