Monday, March 19, 2012

First Day of Spring Break

Clark had his first real food this morning.  He watches us eat rather intently and tries chewing with us and is very interested in what we put in our mouths.  This is what he thought about banana.

I can't believe you like this stuff!

Today I helped Kent make a tent.  We made sure to make it big enough for everyone.  They played in it off and on all day.  They also got to play outside several times as the rain didn't get here as early as we had been expecting.

The windows were open all day, blowing fresh air through the downstairs.  I enjoyed it as I worked on cutting out the pieces for Kaomi's dress.  I also spent an unexpected hour fixing my sewing machine.  Someone must have been messing around with the tension knobs, though the 3 children who live upstairs denied it.

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  1. Suanna,
    I can remember as a kid playing in a tent that was made to cover the whole living room blankets went over two stuffed chairs and a couch and joined other blankets anchored by boxes and books on to two folding card tables. It stayed set up for maybe 3 days and was great. Dad

    1. Dad, I remember you helping us make tents when we were kids, too. That sounds like a giant tent to take up the whole living room. The one in the picture above uses 2 folding tables, 4 folding chairs and 4 cardboard beams that I've been saving for awhile just because they are so sturdy. We used a queen size flat sheet and queen size fitted sheet as the covers.


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