Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week Before Easter

Starting tomorrow, I will be trying to spend more time in God's Word each day.

I will be replacing most of my evening online/entertainment time with reading my Bible and communing with my Savior.

This is to get to know my Savior more and the timing is perfect as we approach Easter and the celebration of His life.  Prayerfully this will instill a stronger desire to spend time with my Savoir every day and help me see that it is something that I can do with His help in the midst of our chaotic world that tries to tell me it is all about myself.  I was created by God to glorify Him.  The example of His selfless Son should be my standard as a Christian and an encouragement to give selflessly of myself in all areas of my life to the will of God.

Next Saturday I will be spending a half day in prayer as an end to the week and in preparation for Easter Day.

I'd like to challenge you to spend more time each day in God's Word as well.  Try to take at least 2 hours each day of your entertainment/phone/computer/etc. time and devote yourself to getting to know God better.

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  1. Great challenge and I will take you up on it. We can never get enough of Gods Word.


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