Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Misunderstanding

After lunch today Katy was being grumpy and rude about one of her siblings.  I called up to her that since she was being rude she should go ahead and start her math that I had assigned for her to complete this afternoon.  I know she heard me, but she didn't come down and get her math book.  I was trying to think of a fitting consequence and hadn't thought of one yet when it was time for storytime.  I called all the kids and she told me she was drying off.  I wanted to know what she was drying off from and she told me from her bath.  At which point I realized she hadn't disobeyed so much as misheard me.  I started laughing to myself and told her that I had said do your math, not take a bath.  So she came down to storytime all clean and still had to do her math this afternoon during quiet time.

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