Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This Morning...

I woke up to hearing coffee brewing.  When I came out to the kitchen for a glass of water there was a special place setting where I sit and donuts on the counter.

Then I went to get Clark up and Kaomi greeted me and brought me a special card made by Katy with a cupcake paper pocket.  In the pocket were two origami cats that she made and a piece of cupcake paper with two cupcakes on it.  Pretty soon Lissie came in to her room and greeted me too.  I got breakfast started for Clark and Felicity, then Quinn started crying his, I'm all alone and I want to eat come and get me now, cry.  Kent told me happy birthday while I was feeding Quinn.  We all got our donuts and sat at the table to eat them together.  Kent took about 30 minutes to dissect and eat his.  I figured since it is my birthday I wasn't going to fuss at him for taking so long and I didn't have to watch him, besides he had already finished his chores and it's a holiday from school.  Towards the end of the morning I put on some music to enjoy hearing.


I enjoy hearing from my readers and reading your comments.