Saturday, February 16, 2013

In School This Week...

Monday:  Kent and Katy practiced the piano and completed English and math.  Katy also worked on cursive and Kent had history reading.  Kaomi did printing practice and reading.  We did Bible, poetry and storytime together.  We were going to do geography, but I wanted to go outside to do it and it was colder than I wanted to spend much time out in.  Maybe we will try to do it tomorrow.  I was supposed to do reading with Katy, but we ran out of time and I forgot this evening when we could have worked it in before bed.

Tuesday:  We made Valentines today.  Kent and Katy also did their piano practice.

Wednesday:  It's a holiday for Felicity's Birthday.

Thursday:  Kent and Katy completed math and copywork.  Kaomi had practice following directions.  We had a Valentine's Day Party.

Friday:  We completed this week's history.  Everyone worked on math.  Felicity worked on coloring with orange and purple.  Kaomi worked on handwriting while Felicity "read" books to Quinn, and I read books to Clark.  Katy worked on catching up in her cursive workbook.  Kent practiced the piano.  We also had storytime all together.

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