Monday, February 11, 2013

What Do You Think About Quinn?

I gave each of the kids an assignment last week for school, per my Dad's request.  I thought I 'd share their assignments and responses with you. 

Kent's assignment was to write a paragraph about Quinn for English.  Here's what he wrote.

     I like Quinn.  He is cute.  He is fun to have for a brother.  He also likes music and maybe mommy.  He is quiet and likes milk.  I love him.  He cries when he needs his daiper changed and for milk.  He sleeps a whole lot.  He cries to help himself wake up too.

Katy's assignment was to write several sentences about Quinn for English.  Here's what she wrote.

 Sentences about Quinn
  1. Quinn is cute!
  2. Quinn was born at 12:17.
  3. Quinn was born on Saturday.
  4. Quinn is 12 days old.
  5. Is Quinn happy?
  6. Quinn sleeps a lot.
  7. Qinn is not crying.
  8. Is Qinn asleep?
  9. Is Qinn awake?
  10. Quinn likes to be cuddled.
  11. Quinn likes to be held.
  12. Quinn sucks on nuks.
  13. Quinn has a lot of hair.
  14. Quinn likes music.

Kaomi's assignment was to draw a picture about Quinn and tell me about him.  She drew a small stick figure with hair and colored a blue blanket around him and titled her paper "Quinn."  The following was her narration about Quinn.

He's cute.  He's fun to have.  He has cute jammies and blankets.  Mrs. Wood gave him a green blankie.  Quinn has a balloon because Grammy gave it to him on his birthday.  He sleeps all the time.  Sometimes he wakes up.  I like Quinn.  Quinn is fun to have around because he's just born and he doesn't do the things that Clarky does.

I decided to ask Felicity what she thinks about Quinn, too.  This is what she said.

"I like Quinn."
"Can I hold Quinn."
"Quinn is my brother."
"I like him."
"He has a nuk."
"He has foot jammies and shirts."
"I like to hold him."
"He sleeps."
"I like to sing 'Jesus Loves Me' and 'The Lord is My Sheppherd' to him."

Here are a few things that Clark has been saying about Quinn, too.

"Ouch."  If you ask him to kiss Quinn or he gets closer than he feels comfortable around him. 
"Cry, baby."
"See, baby."
"Kin, cry."
"Bear."  We bought a new soft blanket for Quinn on Saturday and Clark likes the blanket and keeps calling it bear.  It is fuzzy, dark brown on one side and light brown with brow polka dots on the other side.
"Baby?"  When he wants to know where Quinn is if he hasn't seen him in a little while.

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