Saturday, February 2, 2013

Enjoying the Slow Pace

This last week has flown by.  I have enjoyed snuggling with Quinn.  He's 1 week old today.

My husband is wonderful.  He was able to take the whole week off of work.  We slept in everyday (til 8 or later).  The older kids were quiet, even if they didn't sleep in and Felicity and Clark didn't usually start making much noise until around 8:30 am most days.  For the first three days after Quinn was born I was on "bed rest" this is normal, but usually I am eager to be up and involved even if I am just sitting on the couch.  This time, I was content to spend more time in bed "resting".  I had lots of little visitors who just wanted to see Quinn and hold him, too.  Jeff took care of making sure everyone was fed three meals a day for most of the week.  We had a couple people bring us wonderful meals, which was nice for Jeff to not have to cook.  Jeff changed lots of diapers this week and I know that's not his favorite thing to do - he didn't even ask me if I could do it once.  He also did several loads of laundry, so nobody had to wear dirty clothes.  Jeff would take Quinn in the middle of the night after he was fed, to snuggle and encourage to go back to sleep.  It's been a specialty of his to get the baby to sleep at night and he hasn't lost his touch.  Quinn has been a pretty sleepy baby and seems pretty easy so far.  We are hoping that he stays easy.  He hasn't been very interested in eating, because he has wanted to sleep, but that seems to be changing now and he is asking to eat more frequently, which helps because he actually stays awake long enough to eat pretty well.  Jeff even gave the kids an impromptu science lesson on oil from oranges and how it scents the air when the peel is all broken up and how the oil is flammable.  Because Jeff was home this week, I've been able to take it easy and enjoy being a spectator in my home, that's about to change as Jeff returns to work on Monday.  I'm sure we will have an interesting upcoming week as we adjust to having a new baby in the house and Clark won't have Daddy to tag after all day either.

I am so thankful that God has given me a husband who is willing to step up and do the things that I usually do, when needed.  Jeff has been a blessing to our whole family this week.

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  1. Jeremy and I enjoyed reading this post...a preview of our future. Jeremy says, "Go, Jeff!"

    Oh, now he wants me to tell Jeff, "Your references are impressive. When you're finished there, I have a job for you here in June." :-)


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