Saturday, February 23, 2013

In School This Week...

Monday:  Kent and Katy did English, math and piano practice.  We went to the library for storytime and to check out new books.  Clark, Lissie and Kaomi watched part of a Thomas the train movie while I was feeding Quinn and Kent and Katy were working on their lessons.  We did Bible and storytime all together.  Katy asked me to stop reading because I kept falling asleep.  It makes for an "interesting" story when I read words that aren't on the page and don't make sense with the story or when I just stop reading in the middle of a sentence or thought.  Katy also worked on cursive and Kent finished a book he was reading for History.  I was planning on listening to Kaomi read, but it didn't fit into the morning and I was too sleepy in the afternoon.

Tuesday:  Birthday Holiday!

Wednesday: Katy started with English while Kent played trucks with Clark.  Kaomi worked on a color by number and reading.  She's having trouble remembering ang, ing, ong, and ung, but she's being a trooper and doing her best.  She is also reading words begin and end with sh.  When Katy finished English she went to play with Clark and Kent went to work on English.  He's been learning about telling a story from a picture, so I gave him a picture of kids at a pond to look at and write a story, rather than complete a new lesson.

Thursday:  Kent did a math review.  Katy worked on multiplying by 4's.  Kaomi helped play with Clark.  Kent and Katy worked on English lessons.  Kent had a long over-due piano lesson.  Katy worked on cursive.  Kaomi worked on color by numbers and reading the colors she needed.  We had storytime all together.

Friday: We all learned about John Audubon and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in History.  Clark sat with us stacking Legos.  Kent and Katy added to their Timelines.  Kent and Katy did math and English.  Kaomi practiced reading a story with many words beginning and ending with sh.  We completed our Mystery book for storytime and began reading a non-fiction book.

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