Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our School Week - Unit 1

Monday:  We began with Bible all together.  Then we read storytime while Clark and Felicity played with one activity that they chose from their everyday boxes.  After storytime, Kaomi had a short break while I discussed the research project with Kent and Katy.  They needed to research coat of arms and be able to answer some questions to help Kaomi know what a coat of arms was.  Then Clark and Lissie picked up their activity and we got out the Noah's Ark Activity Box for them to play with.  Then we read our history lesson from Grandpa's Box.  After discussion about the reading we cleaned up the activity box and got ready to go to the library.  Kent and Katy did their research as soon as we got there.  After lunch, Clark and Lissie got to play with the Train Set activity box while Kent and Katy answered their research questions.  They didn't have all the answers, so we used on online encyclopedia to help find the rest of the information we wanted.  Then we talked about what a coat of arms is composed of and they began designing their own coat of arms for their shield of faith.  I got Lissie and Clark down for their naps and we finished up our afternoon with Kent and Katy drawing pictures of a plant and a tree and Kaomi coloring a picture of a plant and a tree.  Then it was quiet time for everyone and I did a reading lesson with Kaomi.

Tuesday:  We began with Bible.  We are working on Memorizing Psalm 1:1-2.  Then we began studying a poem.  Clark and Lissie sat with us playing with a quiet activity.  I assigned individual work to Katy and Kaomi while I worked on math with Kent.  Then I got out an activity box for Clark and Lissie.  Kaomi and I worked on Math and then I worked on Math with Katy.  Kaomi practiced her spelling words, which she thought was fun and Kent and Katy studied dictation.  Katy played with Lissie and Clark while I did Storytime with Kaomi.  Kent got out the next activity box and worked with Clark helping him understand how it worked.  After lunch I put Clark down for an early nap and then Lissie joined us as we began science.  We are learning about the arctic tundra.  Then Felicity made up her own "school activity" while the older kids were working on their notebooking.  Felicity "read" a book about butterflies that she picked out of the library.  Then she asked me for butterfly stickers and a butterfly coloring page.  She colored it with markers and put the stickers on it all by herself.  When the older kids finished their notebooking page the worked more on their coat of arms, coloring it with one or two main colors.  Kent got to go and visit at a friends home this afternoon, too.  He had fun.

Wednesday:  We worked at church in the morning and completed almost all of or school work for the day in the afternoon.

Thursday:  Each of the older kids had Bible Quiet time.  They had an idea of a plan to follow while they continued studying Psalm 1:1-2.  I did Lissie and Clark's Bible time with them about God creating water, clouds and land.  They have been learning Genesis 2:4.  We worked on individual work for most of the morning and in the afternoon we worked on our shared lessons.  Kent, Katy, and Kaomi finished designing their coat of arms.  Clark and Lissie have really been enjoying the preschool and toddler boxes this week.  They've enjoyed having something new each day and they have really help me to be able to focus better on some of the together work with the three oldest.

Friday:  We started our morning with a quick walk around the block.  Then we joined together at the table and practiced our verses and assigned copywork to each of the children.  Then I did Bible time with Lissie and Clark.  They learned about God creating plants.  I worked with Kaomi and she completed most all of her work with me by 11:15.  Kent and Katy worked on their individual work throughout the morning.  After lunch, we did the lessons we needed to work on together.  We tried drawing a person, we began a timeline along the wall upstairs, and we read history and science.  Katy was having a slow day, so when everyone else was finished for the day, she still had work to do.  She did get it finished before supper, which I am happy for.  I wasn't looking forward to her having homework this weekend. 

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