Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Toddler and Preschool Boxes Day 2

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Today I will be showing you the boxes we are currently using on Monday's. 

This is our Noah's Ark Set.  On our first day of school Felicity spent quite a while playing with this set.  Clark enjoyed the wooden ark set for a little while and then went to play in his room.

Noah's Ark Felt Book (this was a gift to Kent several years ago)
Wooden Noah's Ark (this was a gift to one of the girls)
Noah's Ark Book (from our book collection)
Not Pictured:  Noah's Ark Stickers (Mardel's)

Our next box is a Train Set.   Clark enjoyed playing with this until he messed the track up.  I will need to work with him to help him learn how to fit the pieces together.

Track pieces to make an oval (from Pa and Mimi)
Train Stickers (from Grammy)
2 Train Books (from our collection)
2 Train engines/2 train cars (from Kent's box of train stuff)

Our last Monday box is a Baker's Set.  Felicity and Clark both enjoyed playing with this set.  I tried to make sure there were enough pieces for them to share and to play their own ways.

2 Aprons/chef's hats (our dress up box)
oven mitt/pot holder (from Dad-Dad and Grammy)
2 cups
2 bowls
2 plates
wooden spoon
frying pan
several items of play food
2 small containers w/lids
The Baker Book (free printable)

*all of the containers and food items came from the girls kitchen stuff, most of them were gifts

If there are stickers in a box I will either take them out or provide paper for them to be used.  Every part of the box doesn't need to be used every time we get it out.  For example:  This time Clark was playing with the train box on the floor so I gave him everything except the stickers, but the next time he might be sitting at the table and I'll just give him a few stickers and a paper and crayon, or one of the trains and a book.

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  1. This rotating system is a great idea, Suanna. Every time they open a box, it's like opening something new, or maybe like finding an old friend. Great way to keep it fresh and exciting for them.

    1. Thanks! They do enjoy the rotating system and it helps us use some of the toys that I've packed up, because the pieces get thrown everywhere when left in a child's room. Even the older kids have been enjoying "helping" the younger kids play.


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