Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation Bible School

The kids have been attending Vacation Bible School this week.  The theme is Kingdom Rock: Standing Firm for God.  Kent was excited on Monday evening when he told Jeff, "I participated."  Kaomi's been enjoying the fun snacks and crafts that are about the armor of God.  Katy has enjoyed haivng Mrs. Pam as her group leader.  Felicity talks about the snacks and crafts and play time she has been enjoying in the tree year olds class.  If I see her she smiles at me a little or waves.  Clark just is happy.  His teachers say he is always smiling.  I know he loves the playground time.  If he sees me he always comes and gives me a big hug and returns to his group without any difficulty.  Quinn loves the holding he has been getting in the nursery.  I'm hoping he won't melt down next week when things hopefully return to normal around here.  I've been helping in the nursery with the babies who are walking up to 23 months.  We've had fun playing, taking wagon rides, reading, snuggling and chasing bubbles.  There is a program tonight so we can see and hear about what the older kids have been learning.  I am hoping to take all the kids and go to that as Kent and Katy seem very excited about it.

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  1. That's the same one our church did last month. My girls LOVED it, and they're still singing the songs. :-)


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