Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thoughts on Tragedy

This morning Jeff and I attended the funeral of an eight year old who had an accident on her bicycle.  Our hearts are wrenched knowing that this daughter of a family we know is no longer here on earth.  We are rejoicing with her family that she had a personal relationship with Jesus and is now in heaven.  We are praying for God's peace, comfort and strength to surround this family as their faith is sure to be tested.

Last night I read a story to Felicity, just because she asked me to read her The Gingerbread Man.  It didn't matter that I was trying to make supper and supper was already late.  I sat down and snuggled her and read her the story and another one and cried.  Kent heard me crying and asked me if I was crying because I missed the seashore.  I was reading a book about the seashore.  I had to smile and laugh through my tears at his question.  Then all the kids got hugs and found out why I was sad.  Finally, after seven pm I served the kids cereal and put away the dinner I had been fixing.  Jeff arrived home after a dinner meeting and sent me to grab a burger for my dinner.

So today and everyday be sure to enjoy your family.  Make memories together doing things that you all like to do.  Take pictures because they will help preserve memories of the blessings God has given you for years to come.  Sing their favorite songs with them, even if you don't like them.  Play with them and give them hugs and kisses, even if they think they are too old for them.  And most importantly teach them about Jesus and show them love and help them learn about God, so that hopefully they too will have a personal relationship with the one who gives life.


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