Saturday, July 13, 2013

This Week's Summer Activities

Sunday:  We went to church as usual and then we had a quiet afternoon.  Jeff and I played Qwirkle.  In the evening we went swimming.

Monday:  The first day of Vacation Bible School.  I volunteered to help today in the nursery, which turned into helping for the rest of the week.  I took the kids shopping to pick out new pencils and binders for school and to buy food for the food drive that they are having at Vacation Bible School.

Wednesday (Kaomi):  I think I surprised everyone when I said "yes" after quiet time to painting a picture.  Kent didn't want to paint, but he did want to color, so he joined the girls at the table.  They had several discussions about the colors they were making with their watercolors.  (Note to self, buy more watercolors.)  After they painted Kaomi chose an activity from the jar.  She chose, "Pick one chore for Mommy to do for you."  The chores they chose for me are:  fold laundry (Kaomi), sort, wash, and dry colored laundry (Katy), sweep kitchen (Kent), and put toys on shelf (Felicity).  I guess I'll be busy this evening and tomorrow.  We went swimming after supper.

Thursday: Jeff found out he needed to work late, so I ordered pizza for supper and we watched "Leave it to Beaver."  I finished up the chores that were chosen for me yesterday.  Felicity and Clark wanted to stay up late with Daddy.  They were still awake at 10 pm, even though they hadn't even had a long nap in the afternoon.

Friday:  After VBS we went to Mardel's to get a couple things for school.  In the evening I took all the kids to the evening VBS presentation for parents.  We got to hear a sample of the songs they learned and see a slide show presentation from the week.

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