Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Toddler and Preschool Boxes Day 3

On Tuesday's Clark and Felicity have been enjoying their toddler and preschool boxes with themes of Beach/Ocean Life, Emergency Vehicles, and Magnetic Dolls.

 The Emergency Vehicles Set is mainly for Clark, but all the kids enjoyed playing with it.

Melissa & Doug Stacking Emergency Vehicles (Mardel's on Clearance for 50% off)
Rescue Vehicles Stickers (Mardel's)
Fred the Firefighter and The Fire Engine books (our book collection)
Calling 911 book (our fire department's presentation at the library this summer)

 Beach/Ocean Life Box
Sea Life plastic animals (from Kent)
Starfish blinking necklaces (a gift)
The Beach and Sea Animals books (printable books)
Sea life and lighthouse stickers
Red Reef Lobster fact card (Little Kids National Geographic Magazine)
Plastic boat (we've had a long time)
2 pairs of sunglasses (Mardel's, 12 pack)
handtowel (I've had for a while)
rubber ducks (the kids got these from the 4th of July parade)

They had fun exploring the different items in this box.  Then I put a little water in a basin, set it on a towel and let them play with the boat, plastic animals, and rubber ducks in the water.  Kaomi joined them.  Then Felicity figured out by accident that the ducks were squirt toys.  The wall was all wet.  They were quickly informed that they weren't allowed to squirt them.  Clark fell in the basin and got his shirt all wet and they had plenty of fun.  I used some waterproof glue to seal the ducks mouths after they had dried.  We will see how well that works.  If it doesn't the water aspect may need to be taken outside, where I suppose I could add some squirt guns, too.

The  Magnetic Dolls set is mostly for Felicity.  She got these for Christmas.  They are Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dolls.  I'd like to add the boy doll to our set, but I don't think Clark will ever have much interest in them.  He's into cars and trucks and other vehicles of all kinds.

Currently the magnetic dolls are where Felicity can access them whenever she wants too.  If I find that she doesn't have as much interest in playing with these as a Preschool box activity I will either take them and only let them be available on Tuesdays or I will replace it with a different activity that I know she will be interested in playing with during school.

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