Friday, April 27, 2012

Great Entertainment for a Variety of Ages

My kids spend a lot of time being creative.  One of the favorite creative toys around here keeps all of them occupied, sometimes even for long periods of time.

You might be thinking what toy can keep ages 8 down to 10 months occupied (as well as adults).   It's the toys that get put away in a box for a while and pulled out on a day when the kids need something "new".   Over the last month its been the...

Duplo Legos.  They are versatile enough for several ages and fun for everyone.  With each child we add to our family we also add at least one new Duplo Lego set between the age of 1-3.  That means we have enough for everyone to actually play nicely together (or separate) with minimal disagreements.  I have noticed that this week they haven't been being used as much, so its time to put them out of mind for a while and bring out something else to occupy the troops.  I'll probably wait for a rainy day or a day when we need a little bit of sanity in the house.

Kent plays with his regular Legos almost everyday as well.  The girls regular Legos are kept put away and gotten out occasionally at least until they learn to consistently pick them up when they are done playing with them.

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