Monday, April 16, 2012

Staying on Top of Food Costs - New Series

As the cost of food continues to rise we endeavor to make the most with the food we buy.   I'm starting a new series with tips for Staying on Top of Food Costs.   Each week I'll share tips I've learned, tried and heard of doing.

  I thought I'd start this first week off with a little background on how we eat. 

We try to eat as healthy as we can.  That means I make almost everything from scratch, but I'm not opposed to using a package occasionally.  I try to keep our sugar intake on the lower side so we don't usually have sugary snacks or many desserts.  I also attempt to make as much as possible gluten free, because Jeff needs to eat that way and it is easier to make one meal that everyone can eat than make one for him and another one for everyone else.  I also try to buy organically for much of the food we eat.

What do you do to help you keep costs manageable for putting food on your table?  Share your #1 money saver for your family in the comments.

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  1. Thank you for linking up Suanna, it is such a blessing to me. I am also looking forward to coming back as you do this series- something I think we can all learn from! I am working on meal planning more than anything to save money- that way I can help my family to stop eating out so much and make healthy and satisfying meals at home! -Nicole at Working Kansas Homemaker

    1. Nicole, I think meal planning plays an important part in helping to save money. Come back next week for more info.

  2. the one thing that i have found that save us quite a bit of money, is doing my shopping in bulk. i make a sams club trip every 2 weeks (when hubby gets paid) and i get everything we need for a full 2 week menu. then on the off week, i usually have to run to the regular store for more produce and milk, but thats all. it keeps me from beeing at the store several times a week for little things, which keeps me from buying a lot of un-needed items. we are a family of five, and the amounts i can get from the bulk store are almost always just right for 2 weeks, and some even for 4 weeks. we dont eat much processed food, so a bulk box of granola bars can go 4 weeks. mostly hubby takes those in his lunch.


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