Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Drama

I like dramas and I like to act, but my memorizing skill appears to struggle.  Yes I can memorize, but it takes a lot for me to really memorize something that I remember and not forget.  Therefore, I do better at impromptu acting.

I like this chapter and how the author suggests reading to your children as a dramatic outlet.  Reading them the Bible, poetry, biography, fiction, non-fiction, mystery, etc. are a way to have fun and bond with your children over stories and poems that can be enjoyed and discussed repeatedly as a family.

I read to my children almost everyday.  We read for school and fun.  We read chapter books and picture books, and yes even Felicity (2) listens to parts of our chapter books.  It's good practice for learning to sit still and quiet, even if she doesn't understand much of it.  We usually read to kick off our quiet time part of the day.  Our current read alouds are Wisdom and The Millers, Misty of Chincoteague, and The Long Winter.  Kent and Katy also have books that they read to me as part of their school.

Kent's everyday drama.

Another way to use the 'Hidden Art' of Drama is through family prayers.  Praying for your family as a family.  This isn't just a superficial prayer, it's the prayers that get down and show each person in the family that we are human/sinners and that we have a God who is Perfect and loves us and cares about us.

There was so much to this chapter that I really encourage you to find The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Scheaffer just to read Chapter 10.

Tonya at My Homey Haven has been hosting this book study!  I know she's been busy and I will link this post with the rest in her collection.  Click on the button below to view her posts.

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