Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Writing-Prose and Poetry

In chapter 9 of The Hidden Art of Homemaking, Edith Schaeffer is addressing the written form of communication.

I like to read poetry, but I definitely don't have the art of writing poetry.  Just thinking about trying to write a poem gives me a headache.  That shouldn't stop me from writing though.  She suggests writing letters to those who you know would love to hear from you.  If you've been thinking about someone why not sit down and write to them now!  They would enjoy receiving a letter from you and you would have the satisfaction of knowing you sent a letter to that person who has been on your mind.

I don't do very well at letter writing either, because I don't make the time for it.  I remember for a while and write a few letters and then it is a long time before I write more.  It's something I've been working on improving this year.

I do keep a journal for each of my children.  I write in it occasionally about something special they did or about how much they are learning and to let them know that I love them.  I plan to give these journal's to them when they have their first child.  Sometimes I go a long time between writing, but I try to do it at least a couple times a year.

I also keep a journal of what I have been reading in my quiet time with my Savior.  It's nothing fancy.  I just write the reference of what I read and sometimes a whole verse that catches my attention.  I like to do this and look back at the verses that have caught my attention and sometimes meditate one them or see how God has been working through just one verse or passage in his word.  On a rare occasion I may write a thought or prayer in this journal. 

Lastly I write this blog.  It is a way for me to journal about what we have been up to and share pictures with my friends and family that we don't see or talk to very often.  I know my Dad and Mom appreciate getting to see their grandchildren grow up this way rather than the occasional picture that I would remember to send or that they would request.

Do you have a favorite method of written communication?

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