Thursday, April 5, 2012

Knowing My Children - Clark

How old are you?  almost 10 months

What is your favorite subject in school?  nap-time, or not

What is your least favorite thing about school?  when everyone is too busy to pay attention to me

What is your favorite color?  my rag is off white

What is something you like to do?  I like to move, roll, scrooch etc. around the living room.  I also like to wake Daddy and Mommy up as often as I can at night when they want to sleep.

What is the last book you read for fun?  I was enjoying crumpling up a magazine I found on the floor.

What is your favorite food?  Milk is my favorite food.

What do you like to do with Daddy?  wake him up at night and get him to hold me

What do you like to do with Mommy?  eat

What do you like to do with your siblings?  I like to watch them.  They are very entertaining.

What is something you don't like?  I can't stand people food and don't understand why everyone else thinks it is so great.  I also don't like to be alone in my bed at night.

What is you favorite article of clothing?  My pants are really fun to play with when Mommy is changing my diaper.

Do you like hugs or kisses?  I like to have my tummy blown on and to be snuggled.

What is your favorite art medium?  Anything I can get my hands on, but Mommy doesn't like me to use anything like that so she take them away from me.  Fuzz on the floor is great, I actually might get to play with it for a little while.

Is there anything else you want me to know about you?  I like to be outside.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I'm going to be a mechanic or engineer or something like that.  I think its great that I can take my high chair tray apart and I like to see who noticed what I've done.  Then I like to hide behind my tray that I disassembled and play peek-a-boo, so maybe I'll be an honorable comedian.  I also like to explore.

What is something you would like to do that you haven't done before or haven't done in a long time?  I want to walk and do fun things with my brother and sisters.

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  1. What a cutie!
    My baby that loved to take things apart is now an engineer :0)
    You have a beautiful family!


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