Monday, April 2, 2012

Circus! - Part One

Last week the circus came to our town.  We weren't going to go to the show, but we did get to go watch them start to set up the Big Tent.

We met a couple of friends there and had fun exploring the circus grounds and watching them set up part of the tent.

Watching the tent get laid out on the ground.

Center of the Big Tent

The support poles would take up a little over one quarter mile if they were laid end to end.

Part of the middle pole.

Unrolling more of the tent.
We had heard that the elephants help to set the tent up, but it was their day off so we were sad to not see them helping.

We didn't watch them set the whole tent up, but we came back later to see what the finished product looked like.  When we arrived home Kent and Katy had to write about what they heard, saw, and felt while we were there.

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  1. We made it onto your blog! Yay! I know...I'm getting caught up on all my blog reading. :)


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