Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Evening

In the dimly lit room a cacophony of sounds is like music.  Felicity is singing and clip-clopping in her dress up shoes.  She stops to dance and spin with her baby.  Katy and Kaomi are talking loudly and emphatically about the Lego houses and people they are playing with.  Kent is totally engrossed in the book he is reading on the love seat and probably needs better light to read with.  Clark is pushing around a truck that the wheels click as he drives all around, stopping to read a book or play with something else before continuing on with his truck.  Jeff is sitting on the couch working on his computer and I am sitting in my chair reading something on my computer.  Soon its time to pick up.  The noise changes to the banging and clashing of toys being thrown into their containers.  The master bedroom door closes and soon we hear Clark fuss.  He closed himself away from the rest of us.  Jeff goes to open the door for him and grabs him to play with him on the floor.  The drawback is that he needs his diaper changed, so Jeff doesn't want to wrestle him.  Katy got her finger hit with a toy so there is a wail of hurt.  She's fine though.  Jeff stayed laying on the floor and Clark goes and starts giving him kisses.  Then Felicity wants him to roll over so she can walk on his back.  Clark comes to see me and says "hi" sticking his face into mine.  After I say "hi" back to him he says "bye-bye" and goes over to give more kisses to Jeff.

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