Saturday, June 22, 2013

This Week's Summer Activites

Saturday:  No one picked an activity from the Jar.  Katy, Quinn and I went to a baby shower and Jeff and the other kids watched part of a local airshow from near the airport where it was occurring.

Sunday:  It was Father's Day and Clark's birthday,

Monday (Felicity):  Have a parade.  The girls were busy making crowns for the parade, but we didn't actually get to have it today.  I'm planning on taking a walk in the morning, so we will plan to have it then.

Tuesday:  We weren't able to pick an activity today, because Kent and Katy needed to practice being selfless with Kaomi.

Wednesday:  We spent most of the day away from home and didn't choose an activity.

Thursday:  This week is just falling apart.  Kent and Katy took forever to do their regular chores so we didn't pick an activity.  If that happens again I think we will pick the activity and whoever didn't do their chores like expected won't get to participate.

Friday (Kaomi):  Play a game of your choice.  Kaomi chose Cars and Trucks a card game that everyone could play at the same time.

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