Friday, June 14, 2013

This Week's Summer Activities

These are our jar activities.

Saturday:  We didn't pick an activity from our jar.  Jeff had the kids help clean the house while I went to the store and we had a going away party for Jeff's sister and her family at our home in the evening.

Sunday (Lissie):  Watch Sound of Music.  We watched part of this movie in the evening and will watch the rest on Monday.

Monday (Kaomi):  Make a video of everyone doing something of their choice, watch it after supper as a family.  The kids needed to think about something they wanted to do, but we ran out of time and didn't make the video.  I will try to make the video tomorrow.  We did take a morning walk, go to the library, and check out new books and watch more of Sound of Music, but we didn't finish it yet.

Tuesday:  We didn't make a video yet, so we didn't pick an activity from our jar today.  We went to the library for a special program from our police department about bullying.  A friend also spent part of the day here playing with the kids.

Wednesday (Katy):  Take pictures and print your favorite one.  I took pictures right away of whatever/wherever the kids wanted me to take their picture.  I finally made a video of the kids doing something of their choice this morning.  I videoed them doing the activity they were doing when I got the camera out, rather than them "performing" anything for the video.  I have to remember to ask Jeff to help us watch the video.  We finished watching Sound of Music.  We also went to the library for craft time.
Here are the favorite pictures that each person chose to have me print.

Quinn 4 1/2 months.
Kaomi playing with a magnetic doll.

Katy working on a paper from the Library.
Kent with a new Lego truck.

Clark watching the trash truck.

Felicity looking at the flowers.

Thursday (Kent): Give Daddy a hug and tell him, "I love you."  The kids are waiting for Daddy to come home from work.  I though about taking them to his office, but it's been a busy week and I felt the need to try and stay home.  The kids also made birthday notes for their great grandparents.  Then they watched a show via Netflix and I sent them out to play.  It worked out well for me to use a good portion of this time for a sewing project, because Quinn was entertained and then took a long morning nap and I didn't need to keep up with Clark who was in his chair at the table and then for the show I put him in the pack and play.

Friday (Clark):  Build the United States Puzzle and listen to the United States Song.  We found several versions of the song on you tube that we listened to/watched.

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