Saturday, June 8, 2013

This Week's Summer Activities

These are the activities from our jar.

Saturday (Kent):  Everyone pick a story for storytime.  I had a storytime with Lissie, Clark, Katy and Kaomi with books that Lissie and Katy picked before lunch.

Sunday:  We didn't pick from the jar, but we did take an evening walk and took an unexpected stop to play at the playground.

Monday (Clark):  Share a verse from your Bible with everyone.  These are the verses we shared.
 Clark - Psalm 147:5, Felicity - Ephesians 4:32, Kaomi - Genesis 1:1 & 31, Katy - Ephesians 6:1, Kent - Acts 16:31, and Mommy - Proverbs 19:23.  We also went to Chick-fil-a for lunch to support some short term missionaries who are going to France.  They were having a fundraiser there.

Tuesday (Felicity):  Have a timed race out front - see if you can beat your time on the second and third races.  I drew a chalk starting and turning line.  Then everyone took turns racing to the turning line and back while I timed them.  Here are the results in seconds:
Kent:  18.1, 15.5, 16.3
Katy:  15.9, 15.7, 15
Kaomi:  21.1, 21.1, 17.7
Felicity:  25.1, 27.7, 27.7
Next the three older kids raced against each other.  Here are their times:  Kent - 16.4, Katy, 15.9, and Kaomi - 21.3.  Clark had fun running up and down the sidewalk, too.  I didn't time him.  I found some coupons for free hamburgers when I was cleaning last week, so I got the kids an early supper for free when we were out running errands.

Wednesday (Kaomi):  Play x-box.  They each got to pick an x-box game they wanted to play and have 30 minutes of screen time at quiet time.  They all picked a different game, so they each played separately when it was their turn.

Thursday (Katy):  Paint toenails/Warpaint.  Kent and Clark got their warpaint on and the girls and I painted our toenails.  I felt really odd seeing my toes shiny every time I looked down today.  My usual footwear is shoes and socks, so I put on a pair of sandals, just for today.

Jeff took the kids out for ice cream in the evening.  They met up with another dad and kids we know.

Friday (Kent):  Speed Clean your room for 15 minutes.  When we cleaned I found a book in my room so when our cleaning time was up I read The Quilt Story to the kids.  Then Clark got to pick another activity from the jar.  He picked - Wear a costume for the day/rest of the day.

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