Saturday, June 29, 2013

This Week's Summer Activites

Saturday (Katy):  Go to the Library and pick out a book about bridges or trains.  Since the library didn't open until 11 am I took Katy, Felicity, and Clark outside to swim in our pool.  We set it up last weekend and it has a couple small leaks that we haven't fixed yet, but I saw no reason not to use it.  Clark and Lissie weren't too keen about it so they got out and I gave them each a bucket of water to play with.  Jeff had Kent and Kaomi with him helping a family member move.  When we went to the library we found several books about trains, but found that our small library didn't have any books about bridges.

Monday (Kent and Clark):  This morning Kent chose a slip of paper from our jar first.  It said, "Pray for a missionary of your choice."  Everyone chose a missionary to pray for today.  We covered areas in Mexico, China, France, Argentina, and the United States of America.  Then Clark chose, "Visit Daddy at work."

Tuesday (Felicity): Fancy hair/hat day.  I didn't do anything with Clark's hair and he doesn't like wearing a hat.




Jeff even participated at his office

Wednesday (Kaomi):  Build a zoo.  The kids used blocks to build pens and plastic animals.  Felicity brought two dolls from the dollhouse to visit the zoo.  Kent also built a zoo with the Duplo Legos and animals.

Thursday (Katy):  Call Dad-Dad and Grammy and Pa and Mimi and tell them we hope they have a good day.  We called Pa and Mimi, but we were expecting company who arrived before we could call Dad-Dad and Grammy.  So we will call them tomorrow.

Friday (Kent):  Wash, dry and put away dishes.  There was a little disappointment over this activity, but it was a good day for it.  The counter was overflowing with dirty dishes.  I told them we could swim first.  We also called Dad-Dad and Grammy to tell them we hope they have a good day.  After we swam in our pool we tackled the dishes.  Katy decided it was fun with everyone helping.  I washed, Katy rinsed, Kaomi dried and Kent put away.  Then Katy decided to fix "the perfect lunch" so I didn't have to.  After lunch we took a book about bridges to donate to our library.  The kids think it looks like a fun book.  I didn't let them read it yet because I told them they would need to check it out of the library when it becomes available.

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