Thursday, June 6, 2013

World Map Project

I've been wanting to complete this project for a long time, so I finally worked on finishing it this week.

It started with a world map on the wall in our kitchen area.

Then I added laminated paper strips for a border and a fun multi-colored border to the edge of the laminated paper.  The multi-colored border gave it a nice finished look.

I really like the border.  It adds interest to the wall and just isn't boring anymore.  Then I added pictures of friends from around the world and labels to what county they live in.

I will also add ribbons that go to each country and a title for our map.  We will enjoy being able to see our friends pictures and where they live in the world and understand where they are in relationship to where we live.  We have lots of room to add other friends that aren't on there yet, too.

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  1. Our maps still hang on the wall in the back room! I like having them as a quick resource which I have used often even though homeschool days are done.
    -Mom P.


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