Monday, June 24, 2013

Around the World in 60 Days - Week 3

This week we are traveling through Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

On Day 2 we gathered together in the morning to see where we were going to be traveling.  Then we straightened up before supper and I sent the kids to go play until I called them for supper (8:20 am).  I served them pizza with a cookie for dessert.  After supper I sent them to bed (for about 30 minutes) until the alarm went off in the "morning."  Then they started their morning chores.  We had breakfast for lunch.

On Day 3 we played chess.

On Day 4 we tasted an apple.

On Day 5 we practiced trying to make our way to the front of a crowd.  It worked out well with our large family to get a pretty good idea of how to get through a crowd.

On Day 6 we learned about egg jousting.

On Day 7 we played Mother May I.

We enjoyed visiting Russia, Kazakhstan, and Armenia this week.

You can see where we visited during week one and week two.

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