Monday, June 3, 2013

Around the World in 60 Days - Week One

Introductory Post
We started before the dates on the itinerary, but we will probably lose a day or more along the way and end up behind.

We took pictures for the kids passports on day one.

On day three we played a hide the sheep game.  They've played it several times since then, too.

On day four we all worked together to make a picture with all kinds of landscapes.  Felicity drew the beach.  Kaomi drew a volcano.  Katy drew the mountains.  Kent drew the farmlands.  Jeff drew the forests.  I drew the glaciers and fjords.

On day five the kids drank hot chocolate while I read The Lost Milk Jar to them.

On day six we a had a dance and sing.  Everyone "dressed up".

On day seven we packed school kits to put in our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  We won't pack our boxes until October, but the school kits are ready for 5 boxes.
Over the last seven days we were in Oceania and we visited New Zealand, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.  For week two we will be heading to Asia.

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  1. I have no idea what this is, but I want to do it too. Help? By the way, Kaomi's passport photo totally cracked me up! :-D

    1. I thought Kaomi's picture was great for a passport, too. If you click the introductory post link at the top of the post you will be able to find how to get the information for Around the World in 60 days.


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