Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Post Office

Yesterday we went to the post office.  Katy had a package that she had put together and we needed to get it mailed to Pa and Mimi.  While I enjoy the Post office, taking six kids into our tiny post office isn't the most fun for this mommy.  Our post office is very small and for some reason the kids decide the post office furniture tables are fun to climb on/under, even when they are given instructions not to climb on them. (I probably would've done the same thing when I was a kid.)  So I decided to have Kent go in and mail the package, then Katy wanted to go too since it was her package.  I let them both go in and gave them instructions to give the person at the counter and tell them to send it the cheapest way.  Then Kent was to give them the money after they told him how much it would cost and they were to wait for the change.  I think they had fun and I hope the people at the post office didn't have any issues with the kids mailing the package.  The receipt came back with a note on it from the Postmaster saying what it would've cost if I chose a different way, but the kids mailed it how I asked them to according to the receipt.

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