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A Day in Our Homeschool - January 2012

It's Monday morning, January 30th.  The beginning of a new week.  A new school day.

Come on in and take a peek at how our day goes.

I wake up to a happy Clark.  Kent is in our bed.  I guess he wanted to snuggle.  Jeff gets up and gets moving.  A little later I get up, Clark is excited to see me up he knows he will usually get fed soon.  Jeff brings Felicity in to say good morning and then goes to eat his breakfast.  Felicity joins him at the breakfast table with her milk cup and cereal.  I finish getting ready for the day and get breakfast ready for the other children.  While they are eating breakfast I read my Bible and pray.  Clark is playing contentedly on the floor, so I go make my breakfast.  As the kids finish Kent and Katy take their turns practicing the piano.   I get Felicity down when I am done eating and get her dressed.  They finish on the piano and they have a few minutes of play.  Kent is throwing a ball from the living room to the entry way.  I let him continue as he isn't causing any problems and its helping him burn some enrgy before school.  I feed Clark and then call everyone to come and start school with me.  I read a chapter of "School Days with the Millers", then we say the pledge and pray for our missionary of the week.  This week we are praying for the Omondi Family in Kenya, Africa.

When we are done with our school beginning I send the oldest three up to the game room where they wait patiently for me to join them to practice our Bible verse.  I put Felicity down for her nap, it's just after 9:30 am.  I take Clark upstairs with me.  We practice Proverbs 12:24 "The hand of the diligent will rule, but the slothful will be put to forced labor.".  We talk about it a little bit and have fun practicing it.  Everyone knows it pretty well already, because we started learning it last week.  tomorrow they will get to say it all by themselves.  I decide that we aren't going to read and talk about our poem today.  I get Kent and Katy started on their individual work.  Kaomi, Clark and I go downstairs to do her pre-school.  While Clark is eating we read her Bible Lessons about Elisha and the Widow with the jar of oil and Namaan.  Then we do some activities and papers.  One of her papers today is making the letter "Mm".  I draw it on a white piece of paper with a sharpie and she glues pistachio nut shells on the letter "Mm".  When she is done I send her upstairs to play quietly.

I go upstairs to check on Kent and Katy's progress.  Katy is at a stopping point so it is time for her piano lesson.  After her piano lesson she returns to doing individual work if she has any.  I heard her playing with Kaomi instead.  It's not a big deal, so I let it go.  Kent is ready for his piano lesson now.  He plays all his pieces very well.  He is quite excited.

After piano lessons I talk with Kent a minute to see where he is at in his lessons and get him going on the next thing.  Then I work with Katy.  We do everything that she needs me to teach her, except for math.  She still has some individual work to finish, so I suggest she get that done before lunch.  I help Kent know what he needs to finish up before lunch time.  It is about 11:30.

Jeff called and wanted to know if we were going to go to Miguelitos for their grand opening.  We decided to meet there for lunch.  I fed Clark and had the kids get ready to go then got Felicity up from her nap.  We drove over their and their was a paper on the door that said the grand opening is tomorrow.  I call Jeff and let him know, he turns around and goes back to work and we go home.  I quickly fix lunch.  After lunch the kids had a little bit of free time.  Then we gathered together in the living room to have storytime.  I read a book about Noah's Ark that Felicity has been carrying around talking about the elephants and camels and then we read a couple of chapters in "The Ill Named Weed".

After storytime it was time for Felicity to have quiet time in her bed.  I let her have a couple of board books to look at before she took her nap, if she was going to take one.  Then I worked with Kent on his English lesson and directed him to complete vocabulary before we would do reading together.  I played a math game with Katy and she finished her math lesson.  Then she and Kaomi were having book time.  When Kent was ready I got my embroidery out and he read my the last chapter in "The Mystery at Pelican Cove".  Then I gave him his instructions for the project he is to work on for the book he just finished reading.  I tell him his project is due on Thursday.

It's around 3:30 pm.  Everyone is having book time until 4:00, then they may play quietly until Lissie wakes up.  I had a little time to sit and get on my computer, before I needed to go and make supper.

Want to compare today to a day last year read If You Were to Visit on a School Day....

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