Monday, February 6, 2012

10 Things This Mommy Needs - Part Two

Last week I shared the first three things on my list.

This week I'd like to share 4 more things that I "need".  Now I realize these aren't actually true needs, but they help in my day to day goings on.

4.  Lots of snuggles and hugs.  I love it when one or more of my children snuggle up to me, especially when we are reading.  Katy gives the best impromptu hugs.  The other kids have the best hugs, too, but they almost never give impromptu ones.  Kaomi is a great snuggler, she stays still long enough that she just seems to melt against me.  I love it when Felicity wants to snuggle and rock, she's growing up and the times are fewer and shorter than they used to be.  Even though Kent is a constant wiggle worm, if I can get him to sit next to me and he decides to snuggle up against me he will actually be pretty still if I am reading something that interests him.  Clark is great for snuggling, especially when he falls asleep in my arms, sometimes I just don't want to put him down.  Jeff gives great, full hugs that encompass me and make me feel loved.

5.  Chocolate.  Yes, I like chocolate.  Dark chocolate is my favorite.  I also like peanut butter cups, mounds bars, hot chocolate and chocolate ice cream (not all together).  Maybe I eat too much of it, then other days I don't have any at all so it evens out, right?

6.  Making specific time to work on a project if I have something I want to do.  This is key to getting pretty much anything accomplished.  If I don't make time for it, it won't happen.  When I need or want to do something I write it on the white board in my kitchen.  Then I try to make it happen.  If it is important enough it happens sooner, rather than later.  If it's not very important it may take a while to complete or may get erased, to be added again at another point when I think it might be able to get accomplished.

7.   A hair cut.  Nothing fancy, just a couple inches.  It's been a really long time since it's been trimmed.  I think its been more like a year and three quarters or so.  Jeff trims it for me, but we both have to remember at the same time and have it be good for it to actually happen.

Join me next Wednesday for the last 3 things this mommy needs.

What kind of needs do you have as a mom or dad?

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  1. I can really relate to your list. As a mama of three teens- I still covet those hugs and kisses that yes- I still get. :) I don't think a mama will ever tire of that. I do miss snuggle time though. :(

    Chocolate- yes! Bring on the chocolate!

    And a haircut? I could so use one right about now. I went to school to be a hair stylist so I actually do cut my own in between visits to the salon- which happen much too infrequently. I think the last time I went was over two years ago! It's time for a shape-up! :)

    I'm stopping by from My Homey Haven. I'm so excited that you are considering joining in The Hidden Art of Homemaking Link-up. I really hope that you can participate! It will be nice to get to know you better. Blessings! :)


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