Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Things This Mommy Needs - Part Three

Part One
Part Two

8.  Water.  I DO NOT want another kidney stone, so I try to make sure I am drinking enough everyday.  It is hard to remember when you are always running around doing stuff with kids, schooling, and working around the house.  I have found that if I make a cup of herb tea and let it sit on the counter I will notice it later and pick it up to drink, helping me remember that I need to drink more.

9.  An occasional day or several hours "off".  Any regular working person has regularly scheduled days off from work.  I don't get that as a stay at home mom very often.  It's really hard to always have to be dealing with all the problems and struggles that occur all the time often.  A few minutes throughout the day doesn't help with the long time problems.  Not that I would know what to do if I ever actually had "time off".  I have a mentor who I meet with from time to time.  Sometimes it works out for me to have a few hours without kids.  Clark goes with me, but the only thing he needs is to be fed and smiled at.  Sometimes we meet at my house when all the kids are here, but it is nice to have someone to talk to and encourage me and challenge me.  Usually any other time I have "off" is when I am grocery shopping and all the kids stay home with Jeff, which is rare, too.  I have occasionally had someone watch the kids when I have an appointment, which is really nice because it can be awkward to take 5 kids into an appointment or have to leave the oldest ones in the waiting room by themselves because there isn't room for everyone where the appointments are.  Jeff's going to be having an extra day off of work each week for the next several weeks so that will be a little different for me, too.

10.  An automatic kitchen cleaner.  One that I don't need to tell what, when or how to do what ever needs doing.  I guess that's still up to me to do or delegate, but it's nice to dream.

Well since #10 wasn't really a reasonable need I'll give you another bonus need.

My bonus need is exercise.  Something I really need to do, but don't see it happening.  Does running up and down the stairs a few times a day count?  I hope so.  I also usually park at the end of the parking lot when I go to a store, then I walk as fast as I can (with or without kids) until I get to the door.

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