Thursday, February 9, 2012

Intentionally Enjoying My Family - Catching My Family Members

Have you ever caught someone in your family doing something unexpected.  I've been "catching" my family members this week, this is what they've been up to.

I caught Katy rocking Clark.

One day I walked upstairs to see how the kids' school was going.  They should've been close to done and I caught Katy asking Kent the answers to her math problems.  Kent was readily answering them, too.  While I'm glad to know that Kent has learned his easy addition problems I want Katy to learn them too.

I caught Felicity getting the clean laundry baskets out of the laundry room.  I helped her get them apart and set them up.  Later when I looked over I caught her "folding" the clean laundry.  She would take a piece of the laundry from the clean clothes to fold basket, shake it out and put it in a basket.  She told me she was "helping laundry, get a coin".  Of course I gave her a coin for helping without being asked to help.

Another day I caught Clark traveling around the living room.  I looked in to see what he was doing and he had moved several feet, the next time I looked he had moved several feet more.  Later that evening I caught him rolling over across the room.

One afternoon during quiet time I caught Katy and Kaomi "making valentine's", by coloring their hands with markers and making handprints on construction paper.

I caught Jeff, coming through the front door, home early from work on Friday with donuts.

I caught all the girls having a beauty parlor during Daddy's Bible Time.  Katy was "braiding" Kaomi's hair and Felicity was combing Katy's hair.

I caught Felicity throwing her breakfast of Cheerios on the floor and singing the "clean up" song from Sunday School.  Guess what?  I got her down and told her to clean them up and put them in the trash.  She did that while happily singing the "clean up" song.

I caught Kent being upset with Katy, when he was really upset with me and his math lesson.

What have you "caught" your family members doing recently?


  1. I LOVED this one, Suanna! I want to watch my boys now and see what I can “catch”. J

  2. I caught the surprise in Tim's voice when he heard we ripped down the wall in the hall. I caught Dad putting in the finishing conections for a new light switch box when I came home from an errand. Wow - I can't imagine al the "caughts" I never thought about when you were growing up! Love, Mom P


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