Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping Today

Today we are "leaping" as we have an extra day this year!

We started off "leaping" to our chores and piano practice.  Then Katy "leaped" to mail a thank you letter that we all wanted to send.

We "leaped" to clean off a table that we had covered with clutter and complete some school.

We "leaped" to have our lunch.

After lunch the kids "leaped" to clean up the game room and then they "leaped" back downstairs to listen to a story.

In the middle of the afternoon we went "leaping" to take our paper recycling to the library's recycling bins.

Then we "leaped" to Grammy's house to drop off a folding table and some dishes and letters for her and Dad-Dad.  While we were there Riley leaped at all the kids and licked their faces if he could.

Then we "leaped" back home where Felicity "leaped" for joy at getting to play outside.  Katy and Kaomi "leaped" outside, too.  Kent grudgingly "leaped" as he thought it was too hot and he might get all sweaty.

They all "leaped" to see what a rutabaga looked like before I prepared it for super.  I hope everyone's taste-buds "leap" with enjoyment when they eat it tonight.  I'm sure they will be almost "leaping" out of their chairs when I serve chocolate ice cream for dessert!

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