Thursday, February 16, 2012

Intentionally Enjoying My Family - Birthdays

We try to make everyone feel special on their birthday.  This week Felicity had her second birthday.  She began her day with her special place setting and milk and some dry cereal with Daddy before he had to leave for work, while I fixed a special breakfast of bread pudding (a.k.a. baked french toast).  After breakfast she colored for a little while and then she took a nap.  We were planning on going to the library, but she was sleeping and I didn't want to disturb her.

She woke up in time for a late lunch.  We had fresh homemade rolls, lunch meat, cheese, salad and red peppers.  After lunch she played contentedly roaming around the downstairs doing her own things, reading books and coloring more.  I left her to continue playing by herself and sat down to play the piano.  When I finished I went to see what she was up to and I found her sitting in Katy's chair at the table having a snack.  She found a few things in the pantry and helped herself to some crackers.  She opened the package by herself, too.  I guess she got hungry.

Daddy came home a little early from work and she wanted to play play-doh.  Kent, Katy, and Kaomi joined her playing play-doh while I started fixing supper.  After supper we cleaned up the table and got ready to party.  Grammy came over for the fun, too.  We sang "Happy Birthday" and had chocolate cake and ice cream.  Then she was excited to get presents from everyone.

With all her new, fun stuff.

This concludes my Intentionally Enjoying My Family Series.  I also shared about Intentionally Enjoying My Family at Church, with a family zoo pass, listening, projects, movie night/game day, and catching my family members.  You can read about them here.

If you've written about how you are intentionally enjoying your family I'd love to read it.  Please leave a link to your post in the comments.  If you have intentionally enjoyed your family recently but don't have a blog leave a comment telling us what you've enjoyed.

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