Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Party - Cleaning My Room

     I've been wanting to get this corner of my room straightened up for a while.  It became rather urgent last week when Clark discovered that he could nose dive out of his car seat.  He's been sleeping in his car seat pretty much since he was born.  We used the pack and play that is to be his bed several months ago when we were traveling and though the pack and play made it back to this corner it was never reassembled.  Then a few other things got set here around Christmas time.  Yes, I could use the swing where it was and have been using it when Clark needs a change of scenery.

     I decided to tackle this corner and get the pack and play set up for Clark so I didn't have to worry about him nose diving in the middle of the night and then getting stepped on by me in the dark because I wouldn't have seen him there.  (Disclaimer:  I have not stepped on him.)

     It took a little while to sort though the stuff, but about half of the pile belonged in various places upstairs, there were 3 mostly empty boxes that got removed to the recycling place in the garage and there wasn't much left to tackle after that.  I put the Christmas quilt in the chest at the end of our bed and vacuumed the area I had just emptied.  I moved the swing and set up the pack and play.  I even organized my night stand cabinet and straightened the top of my nightstand.  Now to get Clark to want to sleep there is another project, but he'll figure it out soon.


  1. Clean! Order! Such a nice feeling!
    Looks like Clark can sunbathe by the window!
    Mom P

  2. Yes! He'd be able to sunbathe in the summer when the sun shines through that window.


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