Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Party - Paint, a Picture and a Bank

I have several projects that I would like to do, so I thought I'd try making time for them and sharing my progress with you over the next several weeks months.

On Saturday, Kaomi, Felicity, Clark and I went to the paint store.  I was able to find some paint that I want for a project.   I was also able to get a sample color of the color I want in our bathroom.  Jeff's not sure whether he will like the color I want, so now we can see if it will work or not.  One step done.  A few more to go.

I was also able to get a picture into a frame and ready to hang on our dining room wall.  It is a puzzle that our whole family worked to put together.  The frame I bought on sale at Michael's a couple weeks ago.   Jeff hung the picture up on Sunday afternoon.

Kent also finished the bank he was making for Felicity for her birthday.


  1. We also built and painted Kent's shape-n-race car.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. I forgot I was going to write that, too.


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