Thursday, February 2, 2012

Intentionally Enjoying My Family - Movie Night/Game Day

This past weekend when Jeff was at his Christian Service Brigade Dad's Retreat Kaomi helped plan a movie night for Friday night and I played some games with the kids on Saturday.

One of the things that Kaomi bought from Mommy's Store recently was a Plan a Movie Night coupon.  She decided to redeem it this past Friday night.  She decided that we would watch the movie "Molly on the Homefront".  Part of the coupon deal was that she also got to pick a snack.  She decided that she wanted us to have cookies for snack.  Since we were going to be watching this movie at dinner time she also got to help pick out dinner.  We settled on pizza and carrot sticks.  On Friday after lunch Kaomi helped make cookies for us to have for dessert.  She really likes to help in the kitchen and we had fun, and the cookies looked a little strange since she put them on the tray mostly by herself, but nobody seemed to mind.  After our movie everyone got ready for bed and we even had time for a few rounds of dominoes.

On Saturday we decided to finish getting the house straightened up for Sunday mixed up with various games throughout the day.  We started off with a game of Zingo, then I put Felicity down for her nap and assigned each of the kids a chore.  Kaomi was to get the dirty hand-towels from the kids bathroom and make her bed, Katy was to clean the counter and the scrub the toilet in the kids room and Kent was to vacuum the dining room.  I picked up a few things and stripped the sheets off my bed and put the blanket in the washing machine.  When everyone was done Kent picked out cards to play war.  After a few rounds of war I sent Kent to clean the kids bathroom floor, Katy was to vacuum the living room and Kaomi was to clean-up her pre-school box contents which were strewn across the school room floor.  When we were done with those things we did a few exercises then marched around the house while I sent kids to quickly put misplaced items away and return to me to march and get sent to do something again.  That was a good workout; we should do it more often.  Then the kids played upstairs while I fixed lunch.  Felicity woke up late, so the kids played quietly while she was still sleeping and I did a few other chores.  After lunch we did our next set of chores and played "Don't Break the Ice".  After that Felicity had quiet time, Kent took his bath, and the girls sewed for a little while.  When Kent was done with his bath I let him play x-box and Katy took her bath while Kaomi had book time.  We went to Chick-Fil-A for supper and I let the kids play on the playground for quite a while.  They had a lot of fun.  When we came home everyone got ready for bed and Kaomi and Felicity took their baths.  Then everyone went to bed.  We all had fun!

How do you have a movie night or game day at your house?

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