Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Felicity and Her Baby

This afternoon Felicity and Kaomi were playing with baby dolls.  Kaomi's doll had a dress on and Felicity kept trying to take her doll.  Felicity's doll didn't have a dress.  The next thing I know I see Felicity coming from the area of the stairs carrying Kaomi's Our Generation Doll, Jenny.  She sat down in hallway and removed the dress from Jenny and brought it to me to put on her baby.  So now there sits a doll upstairs with just a pair of stockings on.  Felicity was very happy to have a dress on her doll and she played contentedly without trying to take Kaomi's doll anymore.  It's a good thing that the Our Generation/American Girl doll dresses fit on our baby dolls.

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