Saturday, September 15, 2012

In School this Week...

Monday:  I really would like to have Monday's off from school.  So I can recoup from the weekend and be fully ready to start back to school Tuesday through Friday.  Since that isn't currently able to be the case we had a rough start to our week.  We are in Unit 9 this week.  Kent and Katy had some corrections to make from last week, so we worked on those first.  We went to the library since storytime was starting up today.  Then they each completed an English lesson.  Kent did Math, Katy did Cursive, we did History and Storytime together.  Kaomi practiced writing and learned how to write "g".  She also thought about big, medium and small in her math.  We checked "Goldilocks" out of the library for a story to go along with her math.

Tuesday:  I still haven't caught up, so we're winging it today.  It's a good thing Bigger Hearts for His Glory has the plans laid out so easy, even for days with no prep.  We did science reading and Kent and Katy did their notebooking page about Benjamin Franklin.  Kaomi and Felicity colored a picture of Benjamin Franklin with a kite.  Kent and Katy both worked on Math, Reading, and other individual work.  We finished our storytime book, Seabiscuit.  Usually, we really enjoy the books we read for storytime, but this one seemed to have evaded our interest.  While I found the story interesting and learned more about the history of horse racing, I think the book was just  a little bit on a higher level than my kids were ready for (I'm reading to K, 2 and 3).  Maybe it would have been okay for just Kent.  Usually they ask questions to help them understand something better, but there were very few questions this time around and they really didn't want me to read it each day at storytime.  They are all excited that we are done and now we can read something more fun for the rest of the week before we begin a new book next week.  Kaomi's reading lesson was a longer one so I opted to only do half of it today and we will do the rest of it tomorrow.  She is doing well, but becomes overwhelmed easily in one sitting if it is long or she struggles even just a little bit with something.  She was also excited to read more in Peter Cottontail.  We didn't get to math, so she asked Daddy to help her with her math after supper.

Wednesday:  Kaomi had her well-child visit first thing this morning, so we started school when we returned home.  We learned more about how a printing press worked in Benjamin Franklin's day and stamped each child's initials with a letter block and stamp pad on a paper.  We wrote a letter for English and worked on Math.  Kent and Katy also had poetry and other individual work for the day.

Thursday: We kicked off our school day with Bible time followed by Science.  We tried to make static electricity and failed, but then we moved on to talking about progress and robots and programing robots to do what you need them to do.  The three older children practiced following directions blindfolded trying to take a piece of candy to someone else who was stationed at the door.  They had fun and the un-blinfolded children had fun watching the one who was blindfolded trying not to run into any obstacles.  I didn't think to take any pictures until after we were done.  Kent and Katy moved on to English and other individual work for the rest of the morning.  Kaomi worked on reading and math.  Then we read more Peter Cottontail and she tried to draw Reddy Fox pretending to be dead.  I ended up drawing a sample on the whiteboard, then she did her best to draw her idea of what my sample looked like.  In the afternoon we started a new genre for storytime and reading.  We are working on historical fiction and our new storytime book is Understood Betsy.  I realized today that we must have been behind on our last storytime, when I thought we were a couple days ahead.  Oops!  We should have been starting this book on Monday.  That's okay we'll probably catch up with no problem.  Kent and Katy started their new books for reading today as well.  Since their reading gets spaced out a little more with them, I am trying to start the same genres around the same time.  Kent will pick up his missed genres from this year, next year since I have him on a two year schedule to complete his workbook.  Kent's book selections are for 4/5 reading level this year.  I'm thinking that I may do the same thing with Katy, but I will let her read the genres we missed covering this year, as she will have a different set of books to read next year.  She is on a Level 2 reading and will be on Level 3 next year.  I worked on math with Katy this afternoon, then she had a review to complete.  This week we got behind on her math so we will try to get caught up tomorrow, to be ready to start next week on schedule.  She's not lacking in skills, Mommy was just lacking in organization this week.  I'm looking forward to trying to be on top of things next week, again.

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  1. {{Hugs}} on the rough start of your week. I think Mondays are hard for us, too. Those lesson plans do help! We have Understood Betsy on our shelves to hopefully read this year :) It really looks like you got a lot done.

    Many Blessings on your upcoming week.

    1. Thanks. I was able to get everything ready to go for next week this morning.

  2. Boy does that sound familiar :) My husband is a pastor and our Sundays are SOOOO crazy! But Monday is our co-op day and my husband teaches the younger two who aren't old enough for that yet while I go teach. Sounds like you did well even with a rough start! I try to plan the week before as well and IF I get to, it makes all the difference!

    Our week was rough because of starting co-op and it just changes our routine. I didn't do my normal stuff with my youngest (preschool) and she was so mad at me all week!


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