Saturday, September 29, 2012

In School This Week...

Monday:  Library Day!  Everyone was excited and worked quickly on their individual work.  We were a few minutes late to storytime, due to some children not following directions and getting ready to go when I said to.  Sometimes this results in us not going at all, so I was glad we were still able to go.  We finished completing EVERYTHING by 2:30.  Kent had his piano lesson after quiet time, as well.

Tuesday:  I really wanted to do art with the kids last week, so we caught up on that first thing this morning.  It involved paint and mixing colors and making a kite.  We'd been learning about Benjamin Franklin, so we glued our kites to a dark background to be the stormy sky.  Everyone had fun (me too, since I usually do the projects along with them).  After lunch, since we already had the table covered and a mess made I decided to go ahead and complete this weeks art lesson as well.  It was making a cave with wolf tracks leading up to it.  It goes along with Wednesday's history reading, so we will look back at them tomorrow after we read history.  Everything else flowed along well for school, though with the messy table I didn't do much school with Kaomi.

Wednesday:  We started off with the pledge and a missionary story.  Then we read history and Kent and Katy moved on to the things they could do without my help.  Kaomi and I worked on reading and math.  Felicity chose to look at animal cards from her preschool box.  I think we've gotten our money's worth on those cards that I found in the dollar section at Target this summer.  She loves to look at all the animals and tell or ask me what they are.  Then we read more Peter Cottontail and talked about how animals get ready for winter.  Then Kaomi made a snowy paper with some paint and some snowflake stickers that I had set aside to do something special with.  Felicity wanted to do the paper too, so she joined in.  Kent finished his individual work early, so he got to have a break while I was still working with Kaomi and making lunch.

Thursday:  Today started off with grumpy kids.  We were supposed to get together with some friends, but I decided that today wasn't going to work for that and we canceled.  I'm not sure what was up with Kent, but even though he was grumpy he finished all of his school work before lunch except reading which he had to do with me.  Katy went to bed grumpy last night and didn't wake up happy this morning.  She had an attitude all day, therefore her schoolwork performance wasn't very good.  Kaomi was so grumpy I sent her to bed after a failed attempt at school.  Felicity was fine for most of the day, but got grumpy after her quiet time and stayed that way until Daddy came home.  She didn't take a nap.

Friday:  Katy had a fever late last night although she was fine all day.  We didn't want to spread any germs or have her feeling bad while we were out, so we stayed home and didn't go to work in the classrooms at church.  We did a history review.  Kent and Katy completed an English lesson, filled in more of their timelines, and worked on their history maps.  Everyone was busy coloring pictures this morning.  Kaomi wanted to learn how to play Old Maid and Katy and Felicity joined us.  We are planning a light week of school next week, so it is good to tie up our loose ends today.  I also made sure that all the papers to be filed in the kids binders were placed where they belong.

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