Saturday, September 22, 2012

In School This Week...

Monday:  I had everything ready for the week to start this morning.  It sure is nice to have Kent and Katy be able to look at what they should be accomplishing for the day/week and know that they can work on their individual work without me having to look it up and tell them what they should do several times a day.  Their schedule also shows them what they need to work on directly with me and what we will be working on all together.  It was smooth sailing today and everyone was done with their school by quiet time.  Clark and Lissie were fussy all day.

Tuesday:  Morning came and I was going to make sure I had the kids work graded, before they started knowing that it was a busy day.  They were anticipating the day and started their school before they ever came downstairs, oh well.  I was invited to a luncheon with some other ladies from church and the kids got to spend some time away from me.  They had fun and I had fun.  Kent and Katy also did a great job doing their individual work and actually completed it all before the end of the day.  Kaomi got to practice following the directions on a color by number sheet and she did a good job staying in the lines while coloring.

Wednesday:  We started off with our together work and then I did reading and thinking skills with Kaomi.  Kent and Katy worked on some of their copywork and History, while I corrected Monday and Tuesday's work before they tried to continue on.  It's so much easier to correct mistakes right away rather than make the same mistake for several days in a row, so we made a point of correcting anything that needed to be fixed before moving on in that subject.  We all went outside during lunch break as well.  It was a beautiful, sunshiny day that wasn't too warm.

Thursday:  We didn't start altogether this morning, because Katy was working on her piano practice at starting time.  Kent was assigned to read Proverbs 2 and choose a verse that he thought was interesting.  He chose Proverbs 2:3-5.  Then he went to work on correcting yesterday's school and beginning his individual work.  Katy finished her piano practice and read Proverbs 2 and chose the same verses Kent chose to share with me.  She didn't know which ones Kent had chosen.  Kaomi started off her math with measuring.  We used a gold plastic coin as our standard of measure for several items.  Then she measured the sides of the table using Duplo Legos as her standard of measure.  Then she moved on to practicing tracing her letters properly on an erasable page.  After Lunch we read our science and everyone pretended to be a bird by trying out different types of flapping their wings.

Friday:  We worked in the classrooms at church and went to Kroger.  After we returned home Kent and Katy completed corrections from Thursday and English.

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