Saturday, September 8, 2012

In School this Week...

Monday:  Daddy had the day off of work.  No school!!!  We did swim, so that counts for exercise.

Tuesday:  This was a long day for school.  Katy decided that she would have an attitude all day, because she had to clean the bathroom (her regular Tuesday chore).  She didn't pay good attention and made several mistakes and decided she couldn't do her math.  She finished math with Daddy's supervision after supper and didn't get to play.  Kent had trouble following the directions for long division when he was working by himself.  No mater how many times I explained it and he seemed to understand it, he couldn't do the long division by himself.  Daddy tried to explain it to him after supper and Kent finally got all his problems correct.  I'm hoping he remembers now how to do it.  Kaomi did great in reading new words, in math learning about patterns and in writing.  We had time to read some of Peter Cottontail as well.  Felicity wanted me to read her a book from her preschool box about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.  Then she made a trumpet craft to go with her story.

Wednesday:  Kaomi did great on her next reading lesson.  It seems like she's starting to understand how sounds fit together to make words.  She practiced making a pattern and wrote several words she has learned how to read.  Kent did a great job on his math review answering every problem correctly.  Katy did a great job on her math review, as well.  They both finished up their school work in a timely manner as well.

Thursday:  We got off to a late start.  I ended up just sending Kent and Katy to begin when I realized that it didn't look like we'd be able to start altogether anytime soon.  They finished all their individual work by lunchtime.  We had some friends over for a little while in the afternoon so we didn't work on anything we needed to do together.  We will try to get it all finished up tomorrow.  Kaomi did great again on her reading lesson.  She struggled a little when she forgot what sound the letter "g" makes, but she continued on and was able to complete the whole lesson.  Kent built a really tall Duplo Lego tower after lunch, we just a few interruptions of Lissie knocking it down and it falling over a couple times.

Friday:  We helped clean in the nursery at church this week.  Kent and Katy completed their English.

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